Tactical Theology

About the Hosts

Reformed and Reloaded is a podcast and blog dedicated to a biblical perspective on gun rights and firearms culture in the United States.

One guy is from Iowa, the other, from New Jersey. One is a gear head, the other, a political junkie.

Don’t hold it against us.

Zeb Carpenter

Co-Host surrounded by Blue states

Zeb is a washed up hardcore kid riding the line between hipster and redneck. He works as a youth leader at the same church where he got in trouble at youth group for building a fire instead of playing games. He is a member of Martensdale Community Church, Martensdale, Iowa.

Adam Moore

Co-Host trapped in a Blue state

Adam is a Ron Swanson wannabe with three children in training for world domination. He enjoys sour cream because YOLO. He is a member of Mercy Hill Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Sewell, NJ.

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